Commitment and Reliability

Cocam Cia. de Café Solúvel e Derivados, founded in the city of Catanduva in 1970, has a strong presence in over 35 countries, and has always worked to offer quality instant coffee, with superior aroma and flavour.

Aiming for the best coffee in every cup, Cocam has become a  reference in the region and is one of the major Brazilian instant coffee supplier, recognized worldwide for its excellence.

The process starts with the careful selection of beans, supplied by producers from the most recognized coffee regions, and goes on to successfully and trustworthy customers in Brazil and in the five continents.

Constant investments in technology and in modern processes ensure the quality of the products offered to the market. 

Aligned with Needs

The company has two plants. Instant coffee and coffee extract are produced in the main plant. The decaffeination of green beans, an exclusive process in Brazil, and also the caffeine purification, are processed in the second plant.

Cocam has recently invested in a new warehouse for finished products with temperature and humidity controlled in order to keep the product in appropriate conditions. The raw material warehouse can store more than 40,000 bags of green coffee, with full compliance of the requirements defined in quality standards.

Cocam has a quality control laboratory, where analyses of different stages of the process are carried out before the product is released according to these specifications.

Continuous Investments

Cocam’s major challenge is to maintain the excellence and quality of its products.  To preserve the natural quality of the coffee, the company uses the best technology, such as highly efficient aroma recovery system and cold concentration that reduces the product exposure to high temperature, improving the sensory standard of freeze-dried, spray-dried, agglomerated and coffee extract.

The company invested in ecological boilers that use renewable energy sources. The analysis parameters reduce waste and contribute to a more sustainable activity. 

Quality and Innovation

Cocam’s production process is automated and monitored electronically, ensuring control and traceability at every stage.

Cocam assures the food safety, respecting the international standards and with the good manufacturing practice, in accordance with the regulations of the most demanding markets in the world.

Customization and Criativity
Worldwide Recognition

With the continuous innovation in the processes and focusing on balanced flavour and aroma, Cocam supplies products with the best quality and cost benefit, attending the client needs. 

Only Company in Brazil to Decaffeinate Coffee Beans

Cocam is the only Brazilian company that has the technology for decaffeinating green beans, offering instant decaffeinated coffee and coffee extract. Cocam also offers the decaffeination process, to third parties.