One Coffee, Many Possibilities

For spray dried instant coffee production, the roasted coffee extract goes through a drier where is atomized inside a chamber in contact with hot air.  The water in the droplets is eliminated by evaporation and, at the end of the process, the spray dried coffee is obtained in the form of soluble powder.  This type of instant coffee can be used in a wide range of applications, attracting the most different tastes.

This product can be used for the followings applications:
• Coffee Ready to Drink
• Desserts/Ice Creams/Sweets
• Cappuccino
• Coffee Mixes

Packaging Standards
Packaging Quantity and weight
per 20’ container
Quantity and weight
per 40’ container
Quantity and weight
per 40’ HC container
25 kg  carton 246 cartons
6.150 kg
522 cartons
13.050 kg
597 cartons
14.925 kg
30 kg / 35 kg  carton 219 cartons
6.570 kg / 7.665 kg
450 cartons
13.500 kg / 15.750 kg
545 cartons
16.350 kg / 19.075 kg
280 kg / 350 kg big bag  Not applicable Not applicable 48 big bags
13.440 kg / 16.800 kg